Lago-Naki Plateau

The Lago-Naki Plateau is a true paradise for those who like active leisure. Most of the plateau belongs to the Maikop district of Adygea. Alpine meadows and fantastic landscapes are adjacent to ancient caves and glaciers.

You can go rafting, enjoy hiking trails and horseback riding, paragliding in summer. If you are fond of speleology, then the abundance of karst caves will definitely delight you. The season of skiing, snowboarding, sledding and snowmobiling begins in winter.

Breathe in the purest mountain air, admire the amazing underground streams and a variety of rare plants. Feel the comfort with a developed tourist infrastructure at the same time. All you need to do is set aside enough time to see all the beauties of the Lago-Naki Plateau.

Whale Bone Alley

Discover the most mysterious attraction of the Chukotka region – Whale Bone Alley. This monument of ancient Eskimo culture is located on the Yttygran Island. Whale Bone Alley reaches a length of 500 meters along the coast.

The alley has a breathtaking appearance. Just imagine two rows of huge bones of bowhead whales dug into the ground. Skulls and jaw bones reach sizes from 2 to 5 meters, some of them are hidden underground. You can find a stone sanctuary – an ancient hearth further.

Feel the atmosphere of unknown, being on this uninhabited island with its stunning views and pristine beauty. Admire the gray and bowhead whales that come to the island to feed. This journey will be one of the most unforgettable in your life.

Ancient city Arkaim

If you want to witness an ancient civilization, you are attracted to research and discoveries, then Arkaim is what you need. A large archaeological site, an open-air museum, a place for pilgrimage is not a complete list of the characteristics of an ancient settlement in the Chelyabinsk region.

Arkaim is also a place of power with incredible energy flows. Here you can find resources for creativity, new ideas, spiritual development. Each year, many pilgrims visit Arkaim for healing, replenishment of strength and internal growth.

Meet the sunrise on top of one of the surrounding hills, plunging yourself into the peaceful atmosphere of this extraordinary place. In addition, you will have the opportunity to appreciate its unique historical, cultural and archaeological value.

Kondyor Massif

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of mystery visiting the Kondyor Massif. This mountain mass  is located in Ayano-May district of Khabarovsk. Five mile wide circular ring of rock is a sacred place for the Evenks and Yakuts. At the same time, the largest platinum deposit was discovered here.

Only miners could get to the Kondyor Massif until recently. And everyone else could only speculate what this unusual place is. People believe that Kondyor was formed from a meteorite fall due to the fact that it looks like a lunar crater.

Explore this amazing natural object, which is associated with so many mysteries and assumptions. Difficult access to Kondyor only enhances its attractiveness. You can discover it and become the owner of fantastically rare pictures.

Bashkir Shihans

You can observe one of the most extraordinary geological monuments of nature traveling around Bashkiria. Shihans Tratau, Yuraktau and Kushtau are single hills stretched into a narrow chain along the River Belaya. There are many legends and traditions about these mountains.

You can visit this amazing place in all seasons. There are popular ski resorts in winter and wonderful places for camping, excursions and paragliding in summer. Connoisseurs of rare plant species have a unique opportunity to see 19 species listed in the Red Book.

Bashkir Shihans are distinguished by their original beauty, pristine nature and rich fauna. So, you can get unforgettable impressions and aesthetic pleasure exploring this place. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of legends, research the prints of ancient animals and plants, breathe in the purest air and mountain aromas.

Petrov Island

Some nature reserves are accessible to only a limited number of people. Petrov Island is one of them and located in the northern part of the Sea of Japan in the south of Primorsky Krai. The tourist flow here is regulated by the administration of the reserve in order to preserve the integrity of the unique ecosystem.

Petrov Island is known as one of the "places of power" in Russia. There is a legend that says that your genuine desire will certainly come true in this unusual yew grove. And the ancient sacred source of the island rejuvenates and gives beauty.

You can be convinced in its miraculous effect by visiting the island personally. In addition to the legends and rich history of the island, you can enjoy the azure sea, high cliffs and green slopes with valuable plants. The indescribable beauty of the island enchants even experienced travelers.

Chara Sands

Chara Sands is one of the 7 wonders of Transbaikal, an extraordinary desert located in the Kalarsky district of the Transbaikal Territory. The yellow sand dunes in the middle of the Chara Valley are surrounded by snow-capped majestic mountains.

Stretching 10 km long and 5 km wide, this is a real desert with singing dunes, sandstorms and winds creating patterns on the sand. There is no danger of being stung by scorpions or to go missing in comparison with the deserts of Central Asia.

As an explorer of this amazing and fantastic place you can observe a small miracle when the desert sands are neighboring with the taiga and streams. Immerse yourself in a real adventure through the Chara Sands with masterpieces of pristine nature, incredible landscape and mysterious silence.

Lake Elton

Salt Lake Elton is one of the most amazing places in Russia located in Volgograd region Pallasovsky district. This lake is also called “golden” for its extraordinary golden hue of water in sunset hours. And it is the largest mineral lake of Europe.

There are many legends about Lake Elton. Even nowadays local residents remember people who were healed of variety of ailments by using the miraculous water and healing mud. And these legends are backed up by scientific facts. The average mineralization of Elton water is 1.5 times higher than the Dead Sea concentration indicators.

Just imagine you’re walking along the shore of an endless lake, salt water warming up you and even the wind, saturated with salt particles, heals your body. Your gaze is pointed up towards the horizon, and your thoughts are as calm and smooth as the water of Lake Elton ...

Mount Elbrus

The monumental Elbrus is the highest mountain peak in Russia and Europe (5642 meters above sea level). Elbrus included in the list of the legendary "Seven Peaks" from all over the world and attracts the eyes of climbers from all countries.

You can explore this magnificent peak with its amazing scope and immensity. Elbrus has an ancient history and began to form about 2-3 million years ago. 23 glaciers flow down from its slopes, and it is also known about its volcanic activity in antiquity.

The harsh beauty of Elbrus fascinates not only with sparkling snow-white peaks that bathe in the clouds. It’s worth visiting for the excitement and delight that you feel when you are face-to-face with this grandiose masterpiece of nature. Get the most vivid and breathtaking experience of your trip to Elbrus.